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Participant in the Russian television talent show competition Minute of Fame
Certified Member of the International Magicians Society (Boston, USA)
200 tricks: from close-up magic to human levitation


Solo performance

This program contains large-scale tricks and illusions.

Some animals turn into others: for example, a rabbit turns into 3 pigeons, and pigeons turn into a girl.

In the first program, Large Illusion includes a flying table, a person rises and levitates ( it may even be one of the guests)


Solo performance
“Невозможное возможно”

Here I communicate a lot with the audience.

I invite and help them to remember or think about things that can't happen in ordinary life.

For example, tables do not fly, broken phones do not repair themselves and people can not read each other's thoughts in ordinary life. But this show makes everything possible and people are very involved in it.


Solo performance

This program contains large-scale tricks and illusions.

Some animals turn into others: for example, a rabbit turns into 3 pigeons, and pigeons turn into a girl.

In the first program, Large Illusion includes a flying table, a person rises and levitates ( it may even be one of the guests)


Duo performance

Illusionist duo show of "Timur & George". The program was created for weddings.

The show turns pigeons into angels. An angel shows the bride's name on a white handkerchief. The handkerchief flies to the arch where the bride appears from the clouds.

It's a very impressive and romantic show.


Duo performance
“Счастливый день”

Illusionist duo show of "Timur & George". This program was created for birthdays and anniversaries.

The celebrant shows up in front of the guests from smoke. A birthday cake flies over the table. The guests make wishes that mysteriously turn out to be written on a scroll, which was in a closed chest throughout the show. The chest was standing on the stage the whole time.

It is a Solemn, delightful and funny show.


Duo performance
“К новым высотам”

Illusionist duo show of "Timur & George". The program was created for corporate parties.

There is a white arch on the stage where the company logo will appear. Suddenly, the head of the company appears from the void and smoke in the arch. The head of the company can invite any employee to the stage who will rise in the air above the table before his/her colleagues.

At the end of the show, a tablet with an electronic image of the company logo will turn into a large photo of the logo on a paper.


Duo performance
“Любимые герои”

Illusionist duo show of "Timur & George". This program was created for children's holidays. It is especially good for children's birthday party.

A child's favourite hero appears on stage from the smoke. It can be a cartoon, film or comic book hero. The hero will give children toy images starting with the celebrant first then other kids. You can take a picture with the hero too.

A cake will go up in the air above the festive table. The candles and the name of the child (celebrant) will be lit on it by themselves.

A toy piggy will turn into a funny live mini-pig for children's joy right in front of them, with which they can also take photographs.


Grand Illusion Mega Show
“Большой иллюзион”

The Mega Show contains the most striking, spectacular and large-scale performances of illusionist duo "Timur & George".

Here there is the appearance of a man on stage from the void, human levitation over a table and levitation of various things. Mental illusion includes remote reading of thoughts, guessing credit card and phones passwords, turning toys into animals and birds, birds into people and remote transfer of feelings from one person to another.

A large-scale, bright, fascinating show for real surprise gourmets.


6 of my 200 performances

1 Human Levitation

Breaking the laws of physics or creating the perfect illusion, so that a person gets off the ground and hangs in the air. This is the intrigue of the performance, Seeing the human flies!

2 Reading Thoughts

Can I read your mind? Of course I don't possess the abilities of Professor X of X-Men. But your wishes and dreams for the future miraculously appear in my box and I read them out to you.

3 Flying Table

Here I will rise an ordinary table into the air just by the power of thought! You only can wonder how it's possible... True miracle? Maybe!

4 Blade Swallowing

Don't ever repeat that at home! It's not safe. Unless you're David Copperfield. I swallow sharp blades in front of you. What's next? You'll find out on the show!

5 Turning a Pigeon into a Girl

Even the great Sherlock Holmes would be surprised to see a little white pigeon winging before him turning into a beautiful girl in a white flying dress. And Dr. Watson would exclaim his usual "Holmes, but how?!!"

6 Bunny Cuteness

Forget the classic rabbit from the hat. I have a brand-new number with the white rabbit, the public's favourite for you. I assure you; you've never seen anything like it before! And it will surprise you.

Отзыв Иосифа Пригожина о шоу

Media about me

Illusionist Duo

Программа: «Доброе утро»

Программа: «Доброе утро»

Program: Mobile reporter

Useful Morning

Program: A-Grade Morning

Program: Useful Morning

Тимур Кузавков «Пусть Говорят»

Participant in the Russian television talent show competition

Minute of Fame

3 interviews for Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper:

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«3rd interview»

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Interview article for a magazine

«This is an honour!»

Отзыв Аскольда Запашного о шоу



Promo video

Иллюзионист Тимур Кузавков на TV

Magic of Timur Kuzavkov

Show at Cosmonaut Club for 2,000 people

Pigeon Performance

Illusionist Duo

Photos from the show


Wedding Performance

Every bride wants her wedding to be special. I have created special performances with the groom and bride for this case!

Anniversaries, birthdays

The illusionist's performance will be a bright gift for the anniversary. It will be a special birthday which all guests will remember. Special performances with the celebrant

Presentations and exhibitions

Are you going to present a new product? Do you plan an exhibition in Saint Peters-burg or Moscow? I will help to entertain your guests and partners!

Corporate parties

Are you getting ready for your corporate holiday? The illusionist show will be the highlight of the evening! Close-up magic is very good for corporate parties.

Opening a shop, a restaurant

When opening a new venue, the most important thing is attracting attention. My show will definitely do it.

Company anniversary

The company anniversary doesn't happen every year, which means it has to be brilliant. I will help you.


Yulia Yurchenko

Dear Timur, Our family wish to thank you for the wonderful holiday that you gave us all. Before my birthday, I thought for a very long time how to surprise my "moody" friends who have already seen a lot. And this thought came to my mind make real fantastic shows to quench the illusionist. I found your page on the Internet and after reading the reviews, I took a chance and didn’t regret it. You are a professional in your field. My goal was to surprise friends and you got it all. All my friends greatly appreciated not only your incredible program, but also your incredible energy and how easy it was for you to do real miracles. I will remember the pigeon in the picture for life. Timur, Thank you very much for the holiday that you created for us We wish you success! Stay the same ( kind positive and talented)

Inna Novikova

Hello Timur, Yesterday you put on another great show again so I can’t help but leave a review. For me as an organizer, it is always important that the artist is able to fit into the format of the event and solve the meet the objectives. I can say with confidence that you have completely succeeded. Your tricks are not just surprising, but they leave bewilderment. It was pleasant looking at the faces of the audience during the trick espacially with the appearance of a rabbit, where it comes from In addition to your very dynamic work. Your ideas have never been delayed (special thanks to you). At an event it is extremely important that the client and his guests are satisfied with the program, therefore, if I am ask to recommend a magician, I will gladly recommend you first and hope that the date will not be a busy one. Timur, thank you again and more success. We’ll definitely work together in the future.

Natalya Sharipova

Timur, I would like to say thanks again for a great show. The emotions that you presented to us and our guests are simply priceless. We discussed your performance for 2 good days you are just a guru of your work. Until now it remains a mystery to us what you did once more thanks.

Victoria Olegovich

Timur, on behalf of the whole family I want to express my deep gratitude to you for your speech at the pope's anniversaries. We were all very pleased, thank you for giving us real magic on this day

Anastasia Krasnoyruzhskaya

Timur, thank you very much for your professionalism and enchanting performance on December 17, 2016 at the New Year corporate party of the Stomus Group of Companies, with more than 120 inspired guests, no one could remain indifferent. It was an Incredible energy and amazing author's show. Thanks to the participation of Timur, our thematic evening in the style of "Illusion" has become truly magical. Forward to new victories.

Victoria Zavyalova

Timur, many thanks to you and your team for such an incredible, beautiful and interesting show. You gave to the audience not only wonders that surprises and conquer, but also unreal energy. All guests where absolutely delighted, you are amazing and talented. we wish you huge success you really know how to surprise and fascinate your audience. Thanks to you one can again believe in miracles. You returned us to a fairy tale where there is only good, light and sincere emotions.

Svetlana Weinberg-Niklas

Timur, 08/26/17 was our wedding and I couldn’t leave a review. Thank you for this show, it was a SHOW of all the numbers, musics and we liked the atmosphere that you created. My husband and I didn’t understand where the pigeons came from and YouTube didn’t help us either I will single out the final number with our photos. Our guests were delighted thanks for these emotions and I wish you success in your work you are truly a professional. Develop further, I will advise you through your girlfriend, so I hope for a new meeting and new tricks.

Maria Melamed

This is incredible and inexplicable. Real miracles right before the face of the audience Lively emotional performance beyond reality. She ordered a session of micromagy of Timur as a surprise gift for her husband’s birthday on November 12. Guests ranged from 5 to 75 years old naive and skeptics, absolute opponents of base amateur activity everyone was delighted. The greatest impression was made by miracles with objects, and not with numbers (although this is also completely inexplicable) because they present real sensations of touching the unreal, humor, enthusiasm, and absolute illusion of magic. We sincerely thank you for the real emotions!

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